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为应对紧迫的气候挑战, 热博Group has an ambitious policy to to support the transition to carbon-neutral aviation by 2050. 新的引擎架构, 可持续能源, 混合动力技术, new materials and reduced weight: the Group is already reinventing the aeronautics industry of tomorrow. 除了, 热博Group has undertaken to significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of its operations, 生产基地和价值链. Decarbonizing aviation is one of the four pillars of the Group’s CSR strategy.

75 %
我们R的&T efforts dedicated to the environmental efficiency of our 产品
- 30 %
in greenhouse gas emissions (for scopes 1 and 2) by 2025, -50% by 2030 vs. 2018

The climate challenge: the absolute priority of 热博Group's technology roadmap



To meet the European Union's goal of net zero carbon emissions for aviation by 2050, 热博Group plays an active role in the development of technologies for  low-carbon aircraft, 哪一种可能在2030-2035年推出. These aircraft will feature ultra-efficient engines and aerodynamic designs, while also significantly reducing weight and offering full compatibility with sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and an optimized electrical power system. We recently launched the RISE (Revolutionary Ideas for Sustainable Aviation) – an  engine technology maturation program to provide the foundation for the next generation CFM engine that could reduce CO2 emissions by 20%. State of the art propulsive efficiency will be provided by an open fan architecture. . 它还将包括复合风扇叶片等技术, 陶瓷基复合材料, 混合动力能力和增材制造.



Decarbonizing aviation will depend on the use of 可持续能源, 比如生物燃料或合成燃料, with a complete lifecycle that significantly reduces their carbon footprint. 这些燃料可以减少80%以上的二氧化碳排放. 液氢,它消除了CO2 飞行中的排放也是一种选择.  . 热博Group fully supports the development of a strong ecosystem and the implementation of regulations in order to accelerate the change to 可持续能源.

The EcoPulse distributed propulsion hybrid aircraft demonstrator.jpg


All-electric propulsion is not on the cards for mainline aircraft for the moment because of the excessive weight of batteries. However, electric power is already being used or under study for a number of other aircraft systems. 在赛, we are investing significantly in research to optimize the use of the electric power available on current aircraft, 最显著的是通过与专业创业公司的合作. One likely solution to meet energy efficiency targets for upcoming generations of commercial aircraft is a hybrid system, entailing an electric propulsion system used in conjunction with conventional thermal propulsion, 伴随着次级功能的电气化. We have carved out a leadership role in hybrid and all-electric architectures, thanks to our proven expertise in all aspects of aircraft electrical systems. We are already working with various manufacturers on different projects, including the EcoPulse distributed hybrid propulsion demonstrator with Daher and Airbus, 垂直起降(VTOL)概念.





Since 2018, 热博Group has been implementing a plan to reduce its carbon emissions. This "low-carbon" project covers all activities directly or indirectly related to product manufacturing. In 2021, 热博Group revised its low-carbon objectives with an even more ambitious target: a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions (scopes 1 and 2) by 2025 compared to 2018. Programs are already in place in all of the Group’s sites to meet these objectives, 如, 例如, 降低能源消耗, 制定内部碳价(ICP), 是什么给有害排放赋予了货币价值, 使用可持续燃料进行发动机测试.


热博Group’s greenhouse gas reduction targets have been independently approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). SBTi approval shows 热博Group’s GHG reduction targets are aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement adopted at COP21 in December 2015.


  • 热博Group commits to reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions 50.从2018年基准年到2030年增长4%1
  • 热博Group also commits to reduce scope 3 GHG emissions from the use of sold 产品 (ie from propulsion) 42.到2035年,每公里可用座位将比2018年增长5%1 2.
  • 热博Group further commits to reduce indirect use-phase emissions (ie associated with equipments and interiors) 42.在同一时间段内,每公里可用座位的价格为5%1 2.

* The target boundary includes biogenic emissions and removals from bioenergy feedstocks.

* * Non-CO effects which may also contribute to aviation induced warming are not included in this target. 热博Group commits to report publicly on its collaboration with stakeholders to improve understanding of opportunities to mitigate the non-CO2 航空业每年超过其目标时间范围的影响.



Managing and replacing hazardous substances is a key focus for 热博Group. 出于这个原因, the Group scrupulously applies regulations and adheres to a specific organizational structure. REACH法规, 十年前引进欧洲, are intended to protect people and the environment against hazards associated with chemical substances. 热博Group is focusing on complying with and applying REACH regulations to manage the toxicity and ecotoxicity of substances and materials used throughout the life cycle of its 产品. The Group is also an active player in the International Aerospace Environmental Group, 旨在实施创新的环境解决方案, particularly with regard to the management and replacement of hazardous substances.



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